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NEW ALBUM 29. 06. 2008
DIRTY MOVIE MUSIC, new album of MED is out. The official term of release party you will find on the webpages of MED here: Lucie
E-shop currently out of order. 29. 06. 2008
We are sorry to announce that our e-shop is currently out of order. All titles are sold in Panter and Blackpoint distribution. You can also use the e-shop of jazzport portal here: Thank You for understanding. Lucie
ANDĚL 2007 21. 02. 2008
Yesterday, the nominations for the prestique award Anděl Allianz 2007, were announced. In the jazz & blues category we have 2 horses: Limbo-Kalimbo and Zuzana Dumková - Balance. Third nominee is an album of Jaromír Honzák - Answer to All Your Questions, released by Animal Music. Lucie
NUO - Dixie and the gang 17. 12. 2007
We are proud to advertise our new release NUO - Dixie and the gang. We will celebrate the release in Jazz lounge U Staré paní, December 22, 2007. You can be the witnesses youfselves, come, you are invited. Admin
Apoaché - Flyaway 19. 11. 2007
Amplión lightens up with acid-jazz project from the city of Zlin! . We wish the very best to this band full of young musicians. Lucie + Admin
Limbo - new album release! 29. 10. 2007
November 5, 2007 is the official term of Limbo's new album release. At the same date, there will be a Release party and concert in U Staré Paní jazz lounge. Do not miss this special ocasion and come to see, you are very wellcome. Admin
Zuzana Dumková: BALANCE 27. 08. 2007
September 20, 2007 in Lávka club (finally :)) we will officialy release new CD of Zuzana Dumková. It is now being finished by Aleš Charvát in Svengali. It is almost ready to serve. How delicious! And as a dessert, there will be a bonus video. Some thing to look at, coverwise - doing of excellent painter Markéta Linková. Details about the Release celebration - concert and its guests will be added soon! lucie
Limbo - New studio album recording 04. 06. 2007
Last week the members of the band Limbo came from various corners of Czech republic to Prague´s Ve Smečkách recording studio, where they, in a lush shadows of a hot days, recorded their first joint studio album. From the momental and variable assembly of different mood levels of the musicians came remarkable creation, which was recorded by the sensitive devices of the studio. This extraordinary auscultatory experience will appear in distribution around the Czech republic in autumn 2007. Admin
NUO - New album recording 03. 06. 2007
In spring 2007 the members of NUO retired to recording studio Svárov to record new, second studio album. The atmosphere was relaxed, everyting went fine, so we can together look forward to new musical enrichment, which will see the light of a day very soon. Of course under the heading of our label. Admin
New web pages 01. 06. 2007
Today we launched our new internet pages. How do you like it? Not everything is tuned, but we work on it. Everything will be finished soon. We will be grateful for Your remarks and suggestions, so write into our discussion :). Admin
Vertigo Quintet Live USP 11. 06. 2006
The musicians of Vertigo Quintet released new album with the name "Live U Staré Paní". The title is derived from the name of the jazz clubb U Staré Paní, where the CD was recorded in two sessions in May 2006. The special guests on this album are Vladan Malinjak String Quartet and the famous singer Lenka Dusilová. "We like her style, she is very original. Great personality on the scene." Said the saxophone player Marcel Bárta. Source čtk..